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This could be us but you’re playin’…

This could be us but you’re playin’…


This shoot will be shot in two different locations/settings. One of the settings will be done outdoors and will be your fill in the footage (aka b-roll)

I want to capture moments of you all engaging with each other, giving a happy vibe for the video. A lot of walking, embracing and possibly a picnic or something.

(reference: ) 1:59 min mark

Save The Date

There are two ways we can do this. One requires money the other requires nothing.

In studio/Air BnB

  • In the studio, we would be able to have a controlled environment to work with and wouldn’t have to worry about the elements and the worry of time. The time when shooting outdoor is equivalent to the amount of Time we can get things done.

Costs for In Studio (Perspective no prices)

  • Lighting -

  • Audio Equipment -

  • Assistant

  • Studio

  • My personal fee



We could find nice scenery to shoot in; I believe the museum we were at has an upstairs that’s very pretty. We would be able to pack two stools, and that’ll be our setup for the save the date video.


  • Lighting

  • Audio

  • My personal Fee

Things to consider

  • Depending on what time we start it will be a race of light. Dealing with you all actually speaking, we have to take into account any mistakes that may occur in that regard.

Video Production starts at $400 ( this is not including the cost of the production) I require a $100 deposit to secure the date, which is separate from the $400. You are required to pay the full amount five days before the day of the shoot.

Cancellations (Deposits are non refundable)

refunds are issued if there is a conflict on my end, where I can not physically perform the shoot due to illness.

In the case of a weather issue, we would be able to reschedule, or you may cancel, but the deposit will not be refunded.

You can reschedule the shoot seven days before the shoot day. Any day within the seven days will result in another deposit, to secure the date.