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Tonidega Community Link/Feature


My name is Casey York, owner of, and I would first like to congratulate you personally for stepping out on faith or putting that small window of time aside to become a business owner.

TONIDEGA Community Link:

is a platform created to connect businesses within the community to the people that live in our communities.

This venture, inspired by a conversation I had with a neighbor of mine, sparked a light on the topic of marketing (long story short), after talking to him about college and my road to part-time entrepreneurship, he ended our conversation in awe that I was a business owner and expressed to me his disappointment in just hearing about my services. At that moment it dawned on me that I was marketing outside of my community, and not maximizing my opportunities by informing my fellow neighbors.

I will be devoting a page solely for minority Men & Women business owners. This page will be heavily promoted through email blasts, google ads, etc. for FREE, with the intent to be specified by field category ex: (Clothing, Accessories, General Contractors, Beauticians, Barbers, Wellness, Hair/Makeup, etc.)


The site will be launching from its revamp mid-April. The cutoff date for the initial launch will be March 21, 2019

I need a confirmation email with all of the following:

- Digital business card (must be in PDF or PNG format)

- Company website or @ name to all socials

- A contact number or email


TONIDEGA Featured Brand Opportunity:

It's free! This opportunity to includes free online hosting, free marketing and promotion, free shipping and handling, analytics and many more.

Confirm your interest by replying "Branded" to receive more details

Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Best regards,