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Featured Branding


Featured Brand?

A featured brand is when existing brands participate their sales on a different existing hosting site. For example, / Stussy featured in Urban Outfitters.


Featuring your brand on other hosting sites could prove to be beneficial towards your business. It’s known to be one of the best ways to scale your target market, to reach a broader spectrum of clientele.


What Is In It For My Brand?

Im glad you asked! Tonidega is created by the people for the people. Becoming a featured brand on Tonidega allows you to automate your business and to enable you to focus on designing, marketing, and profiting.


Why Should I Consider This?

this opportunity is game-changing saving you time to focus solely on the growth and creativity of your brand, as well as money in overhead.

What Is The Catch?

Although there is a referral fee deducted (shown in the marketplace contract) from each sale, there is no gimmick to this service.


We want every feature to be successful because we believe in you, as well as your brand.

If there are any questions do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. - Toni

How Does This Really Work?

Great question, here’s how it works. Agreeing to participate as a featured brand, you are on a free preliminary trail for one year! Included:


You have the option to hold your inventory with us, free of charge. With opportunities to request data on sales and inventory.

Free Shipping & Handling:

With every purchase, we will have trackers placed on inventory, sales, as well as take care of packaging & the shipping process. Guaranteeing dependable service.

Free Marketing Campaigns & Ads

Tonidega will provide free campaigns such as product photography, social media campaigns, & potential pop-ups. Free exposure

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